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Mediation is strictly confidential.  The only exceptions are if a child is at risk of harm, if any person is in imminent danger, and if a judge orders disclosure of this information.

The cost of the mediation is $250.00 plus HST ($282.50) per hour with a three (3) hour minimum per day.  This fee is required in order to book your mediation.  Mediation is a shared cost between both parties.  A private intake meeting will be held with each party separately.  The cost is $250.00 plus HST ($282.50) per person and each party is responsible for this cost.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing to the email address: info@absolutedisputeresolution.ca.  We are unable to accept notice of cancellation via phone.  Cancellations made within fifteen (15) days or less of the scheduled mediation date are subject to a cancellation fee of $500.00 plus disbursements, and HST.  If a mediation is rescheduled within fifteen (15) days of the original date the above fees are waived.

Boardroom booking, disbursements, catering and parking are extra, if applicable.

For more information, fill out the form below to send a direct inquiry to Absolute Dispute Resolution

ATTENTION: Confidential details about your case must not be sent through this website.  Use of this website does not establish a legal-representative/client relationship.  Do not include confidential details about your case by email or phone.  Use this website only for an introduction with a Absolute Dispute Resolution representative.
Absolute Dispute Resolution

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By appointment only.  Please call for details.

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